Accounts Receivable Financing: Your Fast Funding Solution

If cash is king, then positive cash flow puts your business in a royally advantageous position. That cash flow can fuel further growth, which brings challenges of its own. Gaining new clients requires having the resources to meet their needs, and that’s where Talon Funding’s accounts receivable financing can benefit your enterprise. With funding that grows along with your business, our A.R. financing helps companies at any stage of growth.

How Financing Receivables Works

Our A.R. financing is ideal for businesses with customers taking up to 90 days or longer to pay. This method lets you tap into your company’s unpaid invoices to receive immediate cash. You sell us those invoices at a discount, after which we collect payment from your customers. You acquire no long-term debt or negative impacts on equity, but you also enjoy several other advantages:

  • Cash obtained in 24 hours
  • No fixed payments required
  • Free credit insurance on your clients
  • No personal guarantees or recourse needed

Any type of business can finance receivables through Talon Funding.  Not only are you better positioned to take on large or unexpected orders, but you can also more easily afford payroll, operating expenses, inventory, supplies and bulk discounts.

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